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Battle Ropes 101: Everything You Need to Know About Battle Ropes

Training with battle ropes has been a hot issue in the world of fitness for the past few years. Once a distinctive piece of exercise accessory, battle ropes nowadays can be seen everywhere from billboard ads to combat sports highlight films. The popularity of battle ropes grows every day, and they are starting to become a staple name in many home gyms across the globe. However, their rise to popularity didn’t happen by chance, as a matter of fact, battle ropes have proven to be a handy tool in health and fitness training. They are one of the few tools that provide a low-impact exercise with maximum benefits. Battle ropes are ideal for muscle and strength development, cardiovascular system enhancement, and can burn a massive amount of fat at the same time.

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Battle Ropes Defined

Battle ropes, also known as battling ropes or heavy ropes, are thick and heavy ropes designed to provide a significant resistance for fitness training. They are primarily used for strength and conditioning exercises. It’s an ideal tool to overcome strength and muscle imbalance, which is beneficial for the joints, as it reduces the orthopaedic load during training. There are many types of battle ropes used in practice. There are two standard diameters of a battle rope; they are 25 millimetres and 44 millimetres. And the standard battle rope length is 5 meters, 10 meters, and 25 meters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Battle Ropes?
Battle Ropes Health Benefits


They Blast Away Fats

Research says that exercising with battle ropes for a mere 10-minute session burns 112 calories. Not only does it burn away fats a lot faster than traditional exercises, but it also boosts your metabolism to a healthy level.

Muscle Development

The most significant advantage of exercising with battle ropes is that they target muscle groups that are often left out by traditional exercise techniques. The movement the ropes requires help decrease the risks of muscle imbalance. By simply changing your posture and grip, you can focus on specific muscle groups that you want to work on.

Boosts Your Range of Motion

Regular battle rope workout can enhance joint mobility effectively. This is ideal for shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrists, knees, hips, ankles etc. As your body adjusts to the level of exercise you perform each day, all the battle rope techniques become more comfortable to perform. It’s a sign that your range of motion is already improved.

Reduces the Risks of Injuries

This is the ultimate goal of exercising with battle ropes. Strong and fully developed muscles help with balance which significantly reduces the risks of injury. Joints capable of full mobility helps with your regular training. Not only that, but your cardiovascular system will also be enhanced, preventing all kinds of chronic diseases.

How Do I Use a Battle rope?
The Proper Ways to Use a Battle Rope


Battle ropes are often misused and misunderstood. They are commonly mistaken as a trendy piece of exercise tool to improve shoulder muscles and make it look buff. But in most cases, people approach battle rope exercises wrong. For your training to be practical, you must learn how to use a battle rope correctly first. It would be best if you took note of the proper form and execution to achieve your desired result. Here are some of the essential tips from Best Home Gym Equipment before you dive in:

• Consider the size of your home gym to determine the length of the battle rope you’ll use.

• Think about the intensity of your workout to specify which diameter is ideal for your needs.

• Start at least with twenty “slams” for gradual muscle development.

• Remember the basic form or stance: knees slightly bent, pelvis tucked in, core tight, and upright chest.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn more about the right ways on how to exercise using a battle rope. Keep in mind that you can only see and feel the difference when you work out on the correct and recommended methods of battle rope exercises.

What the Battle rope Exercises?
Recommended Battle Rope Exercises


Double Wave

The double wave is the most popular method of exercising with a battle rope. It is the ideal form and technique for beginners to adapt to the challenges of battle rope workouts. Here’s how you perform the double wave:

• Bend your knees slightly.

• Feet hip-width apart.

• Arms should be in a position like you’re riding a horse.

• Keep your arms out while holding the ropes with both hands.

• Should be the same height as your shoulders.

• Flick the ropes up and down.

• Exercise as fast as you can.

• Execute for 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off.

• Recommended for five rounds.


Rope Slams

Rope slams provide a more intense workout compared with double waves. This is the perfect method for a gradual increase in pace when it comes to battle rope exercises. Here’s how to perform rope slams:

• Bend your knees to a semi-squat position.

• Lift both ends of the ropes at the same time and slam them down.

• No need to rush, you don’t have to perform this exercise as fast as you can.

• Execute for 10-15 reps with a 30-second rest in-between sets.

• Recommended for 3-4 rounds.


Alternating Waves

You probably have seen this method in ads or films. It’s one of the most popular techniques in battle rope exercises. Like the double wave, this workout needs to be performed as fast as you can: Here’s how you do it:

• Start with the primary form of the double wave posture.

• Move both your arms in different directions, one opposite the other.

• Perform 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off.

• Recommended for five rounds.


TIP: Short battle rope for cardio, long battle rope for strength conditioning.

Snakes Technique

This method is a bit more advanced compared with the previous forms. The target is to simulate a snake’s movement by wriggling the battle ropes on the floor to mimic the motion. Here’s how:

• Move both your left and right arms at the same time horizontally.

• Keep them parallel on the ground and each other.

• Keep your core tight.

• Don’t bend your back too much.

• Bend your knees slightly.

• Legs shoulder-width apart.

• Execute 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off.

• Recommended for five rounds.

Push up Plank and Single Arm Wave

We are now on the expert level of battle rope exercises. This is ideal for people who aim to achieve an intense full-body workout. Here’s how:

• Posture should be on a push-up plank with one arm while holding the rope with your other arm.

• Feet hip-width apart.

• Flick the rope creating small waves.

• Keep a level shoulder (squared).

• The pelvis should face the floor (no twisting).

• Avoid putting your weight on your supporting hand.

• Execute 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off.

• Alternate arms 15 seconds each.

• Recommended for three rounds.


Side Plank Wave

The final level of battle rope exercise technique. Similar to the push-up plank and single-arm wave, this method also provides a full-body workout. Here are the steps on how to perform this technique:

• Start with a traditional plank posture.

• Move to one side of your body on a bent elbow.

• Stack your legs and feet.

• Keep your hips elevated.

• Grab the battle rope with your free hand.

• Pull from the anchor point.

• Maintain the movement of your arms by swinging between your shoulder and waist.

• Execute 40 seconds on/ 20 seconds off.

• Recommended for three rounds without rest.

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