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Boxing Wraps: The Best Hand Protection

Start training like a pro and punch your way into the world of health and fitness by taking advantage of the benefits that only the best boxing wraps can provide. Best Home Gym Equipment offers you a once in a lifetime chance to experience the most convenient online shopping in Australia today.

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Improve the quality of your punches and boost your performance! Whether you are training to be a professional fighter or you enjoy the challenges of combat-sports training programs, boxing wraps are the perfect fitness accessory to accompany you in your fitness adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Boxing Wrap?
Best Home Gym Equipment: Boxing Wraps


Boxing wraps, also known as boxing hand wraps, are considered by many fitness enthusiasts in the world of professional combat-sports as one of the essential pieces of fitness accessories. They provide ample support for your hands that allow you to perform at the top of your game while reducing the risks of injuries. Not only does it reinforce your joints, ligaments, and wrists, it also improves the strength of your punches. Boxing wraps are highly recommended by professional athletes, trainers, and fitness instructors all over the world.

Boxing hand wraps secure a perfect fit for your hands inside boxing gloves. It is the ideal tool that prevents unnecessary movements of your fists while wearing boxing gloves in training or competitions. They also absorb sweat, keeping the insides of boxing gloves relatively dry.

What are the Benefits of Boxing Wraps?
The Main Purpose of Boxing Hand Wraps


Here’s what you need to know about the real purpose of boxing hand wraps:

It provides overall protection for your hands and wrists. The structure of our hands is composed of small bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. They gradually become fragile from the repetitive physical impact that is caused by exercises that involve punching. Naturally, they become prone to injury because of the strain. That is why experts recommend boxing hand wraps.

Boxing hand wraps secure the movable joints and keep them in place. Wearing boxing hand wraps restricts the movements of the joints in your hands, keeping them safe and in place. The repeated impact from punches is then absorbed evenly and gets distributed to the entire arm. This, in turn, dramatically reduces the risks of fracturing the structure of your hands that could affect your daily activities.

Here’s a list of why of boxing wraps benefits:

• Knuckle protection.

• Wrist stability.

• Thumb protection.

• Sweat absorption.

• Secure fit for boxing gloves.

• Reduces shock from impact.

• Wrists protection.

• Prevents joint dislocation.

• Prevents bone fracture.

Types of Boxing Wraps


There are four main types of hand wraps. They are the traditional wraps, tape wraps, quick wraps, and cotton wraps. They all provide different safety levels for your hand while training.


• Traditional Wraps: The traditional boxing hand wraps are made out of strips of cloth. The standard length is eighteen inches. They are widely available and also the most affordable.

• Quick Wraps: Quick wraps are designed for a more straightforward hand wrapping method. Quick wraps slip into the hands easily and save a lot of time and effort. These are perfect for individuals who prefer instant preparation in their training routines. Quick wraps also provide an ideal fit inside any type of boxing gloves. They are very popular with beginners.


• Tape Wraps. Tape wraps are perhaps the most commonly used hand wraps in combat-training programs. Like quick wraps, they are easy to wear and inexpensive. Users of tape wraps confirm that there is no noticeable difference in wearing tape wraps inside boxing gloves compared with the other types.

• Cotton Wraps. A cotton wrap is made out of high-quality cotton mixed with elastic to provide versatility and comfort. They are the lightest in the group and has the ability to absorb more sweat than the others.

What is the proper hand wrapping technique for boxing wraps?
Before putting on your gloves to start your training, you must first ensure that you are using boxing wraps in the correct way. Otherwise, it may cause injury instead of protection.


Here are a few tips:

• Choose the right texture that fits your preference for comfort and stability. All types are available from our online store, so, no need to worry about where and what to buy.


• Wrap with the appropriate tension. Make sure that the wrap is just right to offer the adequate pressure your hands need during training. If you wrap your hands too tight, the blood circulation will be cut off, and you will experience discomfort.

• Boxing wraps should be wrinkle-free. Avoid wrinkles and lumps while applying hand wraps to avoid the discomfort that may distract you from your training. When applied properly, it provides maximum stability and protection. (you can use quick wraps as an alternative)

• Keep your wrists straight at all times. Keep both your wrists straight when wrapping them. If you bend your wrists while applying hand wraps, the stability will decrease, and the risks of injury will be

Why should I buy Boxing Wraps from Your Website?
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