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Best Home Gym Equipment: Compression Socks and Compression Stockings

Protect your legs from varicose veins and enhance your home workout with the help of the finest compression socks in Australia today!

Best Home Gym Equipment is the leading provider of topnotch fitness accessories, including compression socks, and compression stockings. We have everything you need in suiting-up with the right exercise attire.

Exercise with maximum protection and comfort that only the best compression socks in Australia can provide and kickstart your fitness journey with a bang!

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Compression socks and compression stockings are pieces of fitness accessories that provide compression therapy to the users. Their primary purpose is to apply minimum pressure to your legs and ankles that help with promoting good blood flow in your body. Compression socks and compression stockings are also used in the medical field to help reduce the pain of a swollen ankle or leg. These fitness accessories are beneficial despite how ordinary looking they are.

Many individuals who are serious with the status of their health and fitness wear compression socks or compression stockings. They find these fitness accessories reliable in enhancing their performance. On the other hand, doctors also recommend the use of compression socks or compression stockings for patients recovering from surgery, injury, or stroke. This is how versatile and beneficial these fitness accessories are.

Best Home Gym Equipment is proud to be a part of introducing and distributing these unique fitness accessories to home gyms all over Australia. Don’t miss out and get yours today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are compression socks and compression stockings?
Compression socks and compression stockings are fitness accessories designed to provide comfort and protection for legs and feet during exercise routines, competitions, or therapeutic physical activities.

These fitness accessories are made of high-quality and durable elastic compression garments. They look similar to ordinary sports socks and stockings. However, the flexible materials that it’s made of is relatively more robust and more durable.

What are the types of compression socks and compression stockings?
There are three primary types of compression socks and compression stockings.

• Graduated compression

• Anti-embolism

• Nonmedical support hosiery

Graduated Compression

Graduated compression types have the most substantial level of compression at the ankle area and gradually decreases towards the upper part of the leg. Their design is ideal for mobility which makes wearing them perfect during exercise or training sessions.


Anti-Embolism types provide gradient levels of compression similar to graduated compression types. The level of compression differs from one design to another or depending on the brand. These fitness accessories are ideal for non-mobile workout routines.

Nonmedical Support Hosiery

Nonmedical support hose is the most common type of compression socks or stockings. They are widely available and offer a gentle level of compression. They are ideal for providing relief for tired legs, and aching ankles.

How do compression socks work?
Compression socks apply gentle pressure in your legs and ankles that potentially could:

• Gradually reduce the diameter of veins in your legs and enhance the blood flow

• Improve the blood flow from your legs towards your heart

• Lowers the blood reflux down to your foot that adversely affects the prominent veins

What are the benefits of wearing compression socks?
Here are the health benefits of wearing compression socks:


• Enhances the overall circulation in your legs whether exercising or not

• Effectively supports major veins

• Prevents blood accumulation from the veins in your legs

• Reduces swelling of the legs

• Reduces orthostatic hypotension – lightheadedness or the feeling of instability when you stand

• Prevents arterial or venous ulcers

• Prevention of in-depth vein thrombosis development in your legs

• Relieves the pain and aches caused by varicose veins

• Inverts venous hypertension

• Improves lymphatic system


Many home gym equipment requires leg movement like treadmills, elliptical machines, and exercise bikes. All of these put pressure and strain on your legs, especially cardio exercises because technically, they require extended periods to achieve good results. Prolonged activities that require leg movement causes your blood to pool in your legs that may increase the risks of adverse health effects. This where wearing compression socks come in handy. Not only does it provide the support your legs need in bearing your weight during exercises, but it also adds comfort, stability and proper blood circulation.


It improves lymphatic drainage of toxins that helps with balanced muscle development. Better blood flow and circulation boosts your cardiovascular system allowing you to improve your performance, which, in turn, leads to the acceleration of your progress that helps you reach your fitness goals faster. Wearing the right fitness accessories during your workout sessions can make a difference where it matters.

Compression socks help prevent these types of leg disorders:

• Oedema: Unusual build-up of fluids in feet, ankles, and legs

• Varicose Veins: Twisted and swollen leg veins that collect abnormal blood accumulation

• Venous Insufficiency: Prevents proper blood flow from your legs towards your heart

• Deep vein thrombosis: Blood clots that affect the prominent veins in your legs

Imagine how a simple piece of fitness accessory can help you just by wearing them? It’s undeniably one of the most helpful exercise apparels that you should wear to optimise your home gym workout experience.

How do I choose the right compression socks?
There are many types of compression socks that are suitable for different kinds of activities. Here’s how to choose the right one for you:


Compression level

• For daily wear and light exercises: choose 15-20 mmHg. Provides light compression

• For moderate exercises: 20-30 mmHg. Provides medium compression

• For extensive exercises: 30-40 mmHg. Provides strong compression for support and stability

Length and design

Whether you choose compression socks or stockings, you should always consider the length.

• Knee-high: Stops below the knee. Provides support for light to moderate exercises

• Thigh-high: Covers almost the entire leg. Provides ample support for extensive training sessions


Choose materials that are highly durable and provides optimum comfort. Best Home Gym Equipment carries only the best brands so; you don’t have to worry about the quality. The typical materials are a blend of elastic wool or cotton. It’s up to you if you like the see-through type or the ones with printed designs.

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Buy your compression socks today and allow us to supply everything you need in your road to fitness and more.
Best Home Gym Equipment is always ready to serve you.