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Do Treadmills Work to Lose Weight?


Why did you buy a treadmill? Or the question should be, why are you buying a treadmill? Whichever is the question that would suit your situation, one of the main reasons would be to lose weight, right? You have searched the internet for the best online store to offer top-of-the-line treadmills and other home gym equipment just to help you improve your physique. Yes, aside from staying active and maintaining your overall fitness and health, many people turn to cardio exercise as their means to burn calories and lose weight. Do treadmills work to lose weight? Can a treadmill really facilitate weight loss? Read this article so that you can have an idea of how treadmills work and how they are going to be used if your goal is to lose weight.


Treadmill Weight Loss: Is it Effective?

Okay, let’s get things straight; treadmill workouts can really help you burn calories. For you to lose weight, you have to stay active and melt the stored fats that you have in your body so that you can convert it to energy. If you are working a desk job for a long time and living a sedentary lifestyle, staying active is indeed a challenge. When you decide to buy a treadmill, weight loss should only be one of the many reasons. In fact, treadmill weight loss is actually just a bonus, since the main purpose you consider is improving your heart and lung health. Doing cardio exercise, like using the treadmill, regularly works out your heart function, improves your lung capacity, and complements your weight loss program. It can definitely help you turn those excess fats into energy to help you stay fit and active.


Are Treadmill Workouts enough to Lose Weight?

Now, this question is tricky. As mentioned earlier, treadmill workouts can definitely help you achieve your target weight loss, but most of the time, the amount of weight that you lose would not reach your treadmill weight loss expectations. Well, that still depends on how you would plan on using your treadmill, but even if you target doing an intense workout with this home gym staple, do not expect that this gym equipment is all you need to lose weight.

Well, that may sound like a drawback, but not if you are looking at the bigger picture. While treadmill weight loss may not be as promising as you have expected, you should look at the many other benefits that you will get if you perform your cardio workout routines with this. Your heart health will skyrocket, your lung capacity will improve, you can boost your endurance and stamina, your blood circulation gets better, you can look and feel good about yourself, and your mental health, mood, and outlook in life perk up as well. All these benefits on top of weight loss definitely make your treadmill workouts worth it.


How should I do my Treadmill Workouts to Lose Weight?

treadmills-Work-to-Lose-Weight-australiaThere are basically two ways you can use your treadmill in order to burn calories – performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or managing a steady workout program. The latter is easier and predictable, just step into the treadmill and run or jog at your convenience and comfort. It creates no stress and pressure on the user to push himself harder, so it is recommended for people who do not really feel the need to amp up their treadmill weight loss. HIIT, on the other hand, involves alternating surges of intensity and speed when it comes to running on a treadmill. The whole treadmill workout would be comprised of steady running speed, then a few minutes of intense running at a higher speed, then recovering to your normal pace, over and over again. While a steady workout program can be easier and creates less discomfort post-workout, following an HIIT program can definitely be more favourable when it comes to reaping the benefits of doing your treadmill workout.


How long should I Use the Treadmill to Lose Weight?

Again, the answer to this question relies on which type of exercise program you would want to perform. There are studies that show spending 20 to 30 minutes on a treadmill is healthy. But in that span of time, you may burn different amounts of calories depending on your weight, exercise program, and workout intensity. For instance, a person who weighs 300 pounds can easily burn more calories than a 200-pound man. Also, the HIIT program can burn more calories in fewer minutes compared to a steady-state treadmill workout. Lastly, a person who opts to work out at moderate to high intensity for 30 minutes, will definitely lose more weight and burn more fats than someone who brisk walks for 30 minutes.


Do Treadmills work to Lose Weight?

The answer is a resounding, yes! To maximise your treadmill weight loss, Best Home Gym Equipment would like to give you tips so you can benefit from your treadmill workouts better.

Set a fitness schedule. People who are very busy and find it difficult to squeeze in even half an hour to their timetable should rearrange their schedule so that ample time for fitness is included. If you only have at least 30 minutes to spare, make the most out of that by making sure that you have worked out smartly.

how to use a treadmill in australiaBe consistent. This may sound redundant, but constantly doing your treadmill workouts and your other exercise programs will not only facilitate your weight loss, but it also lets your body cope up with the level of strength that you need to exert to reach your fitness goals. Procrastinating and being inconsistent will always make you feel like your gym day is always the first day since your muscles and joints are not toned and hyped up to work out efficiently.

Spice it up. It is true that steady treadmill workouts can help lose weight, but the amount that you will lose may not even be half of what you are expecting to shed. The best way to lose weight is to pick up the pace and mix your routines up. You can do this by practicing the HIIT program. Start at an easy pace for a few minutes, switch it up to high-speed running, then decelerate gradually back to your regular treadmill speed. Doing this repeatedly will let you hasten calorie burn and increase your weight loss for a shorter amount of time.

Combine it with other programs. If you have your home gym set up nicely in your garage or living area, you may have some other fitness gadgets and machines that you can use to complement your cardio exercise. We recommend partnering your treadmill use with resistance or weight training programs, as well as strength training routines. If you have a tight schedule, you can follow a one-week fitness program that incorporates all these to improve your treadmill weight loss and overall health and fitness.


We hope that you are enlightened about how great it is to have a treadmill at home, the benefits that you can get from it, and how best to use your fitness investment. If you have any more questions, you can simply contact Best Home Gym Equipment’s expert sales representatives and gym consultants so that they can give you knowledgeable advice and tips on how to choose a suitable treadmill for you and use it efficiently.

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