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Get Versatile Gym Mats only at Best Home Gym Equipment


It is so good that nowadays, people strive to stay fit and healthy. Thriving for more and more workout routines now becomes a habit. Saving a spot for your workout in your home is now possible. Don’t miss a chance to get the latest gym mats here at Best Home Gym Equipment. Indeed, we can help you to choose the right gym equipment for your personal fitness preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gym mat?

Gym mats are used to provide safety and comfort. Having mats in the gym or home encourages people to exercise. Most of the gymnastic gyms around the world use gymnastic mats to provide a safe workout area. Different gymnastic gyms used a high-quality mat to give ease and comfort to people. Gym mats are now one of the leading fitness equipment that can be seen all over the world. Here are some of the most popular mats and their usage.

Gym MatsIt is usually a thicker fitness mat perfect for a higher-impact power workout such as jumping rope or plyometric exercises. It is a type of mat that can only be found in most fitness centres and gyms. Gym mats are way inches thicker. It is commonly made of PVC material and covered in vinyl which is easy to keep clean. Unlike other mats, gym mats are not movable and cannot be a drag on the floor anytime.

Yoga mats. This type of mat provides a grip against the ground and to your skin that can prevent you from dangerous falling. Some yoga sequence requires you to balance your weight using just the tips of your fingers and toes. In that case, you need a mat that is sticky to prevent you from sliding, slipping, or crashing your face into the ground. The yoga mat’s stickiness is not like honey or melted sugar; instead, its texture has a gripping ability. Yoga mats are also lightweight, and they roll up easily that you can bring anywhere and use anytime.

Pilates Mats. This kind of mat is similar to yoga mats; however, Pilates mats are a bit thicker, slightly longer, and much less sticky. Pilates mats are firm and provide more cushioning. Unlike yoga mats, Pilates mats are not very sticky that you can clean easily.

Non-skid Mats. This ideal type of mat uses to put underneath exercise equipment. It tends to be ¼ inch thick and made of durable rubber. Non-skid mats are not soft or cushioned because this type of mats is intended to cover and protect you from an uneven floor.

What is the importance of using mats in exercising?

Gym mats are rubber made material that is commonly used on the gym floor. It does not only protect the floor, but gym mats serve a greater purpose in some exercises. There are instances that you are required to drop heavyweights to avoid injuries. For example, when you are doing dumbbell bench press, overhead press, dumbbell deadlifts, or barbell, and you reach the maximum level or near that, make sure that gym mats are there beneath you. Gym mats will not only stop the dumbbells from rolling on the floor, but it can also help you and the people around you to avoid the high risk of being injured. Moreover, here are general benefits you can get from using mats in your work out.

Mats can give you support and protection. It can provide support and safety during your workout routines on a slippery surface or floor. Using mats can also help you to stabilise and balance your body. The right exercise mat for your workout routines can help you to improve your activities and ensure that your body can stay in place.

Mats can give you comfort. Mats intended to cover the floor and protect your body from uneven ground. It provides additional padding between your body and the floor. Using mats during workout routines can give you comfort, especially for the people who have hips, knees, and wrists that are sensitive to hard surfaces and uneven floors.

Mats can give you more personal space. In most instances, using the mat in the gym, studio, home, or in any place, can help you to separate between your fitness space and the space of other people in the class. Additionally, you can use the free space around your mat to put your other fitness equipment to make room for more exercise.

Using mats promotes cleanliness. Although some people don’t mind getting dirty, it is much better and safer to have a mat in your working place. It is essential not only to protect your body from the ground but also to keep you clean and hygienic. Even though most mats are dustproof and didn’t look dirty, it is still advisable to clean them after use. No worry, because the majority of mats are easy to clean.

Lots of gym equipment can cause injury if you don’t have the right tools to prevent that from happening. Gym mats or exercise mats are other fitness equipment that can promote safety precautions and preventive measures. Having this during your fitness workout can help you to improve your training exercises and keep you clean and healthy.

What should I consider before buying a mat?

Definitely gym mats or fitness mats are essential fitness equipment to your home gym space. It helps you to have your fitness place anytime, anywhere. But it is also vital by promoting protection and safety during intense workout routines. When choosing a fitness mat or gym mat, the essential thing to bear in mind is the kind of workout you plan to do and how often you can do it. The main criteria to consider are size, comfort, and durability.

SizeThe size of the mat is another factor that is important to consider. To get the proper size of the mat, you need to consider your height and your preferred activity. If your move involves frequent contact with the floor, you can have a longer mat compared to a workout that only requires kneeling and seating. With the right-sized mat for you, you can be comfortable and at ease while working out.

Fitting ComfortThe level of comfort you need may vary depending on how often you train. If you are sure and committed to your workout routine every day and for a more extended period, then you can look for a mat thickness. However, the thickness of your mat also depends on what kind of workouts you need. For stretching or Pilates, you can have a soft mat that is at least 5 mm thick. Using an appropriate mat for the right exercises can help you to achieve the comfort and protection you ought to have.

Durability. How often you exercise can affect the material of the mat you need to have. If you are planning to work out on a regular and intensive basis, you need to have a mat that has a protective coating. Having a stable and robust mat for your intensive workout can help you to appreciate your exercise routine for a longer time.


Several pieces of gym equipment are handy and trendy. Not least to mention that fitness mats are also one of the most in-demand gym equipment not only for gym establishments but also to create a personal fitness space in your home. If you want to make your home gym space as safe as in most gym establishments, then gym mats are the very best option that can fulfil your healthy lifestyle!