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Best Home Gym Equipment: Heart Rate Monitor the Next Level of Fitness Trackers

Heart rate monitors are the latest trend in wearable sensors that took the world of fitness by storm. Not only do they provide an accurate way of keeping track of your heart rate before and after your training session, but they also function as a cutting-edge smartwatch. As the leading provider of the best home gym equipment and workout accessories, please allow Best Home Gym Equipment tell you everything you need to know about these fantastic gadgets.

More and more people are getting health conscious these days, and many build their home gyms. Working out at home has an amazing feeling of freedom and independence that a commercial gym or fitness centre can’t provide. However, it lacks the support of a fitness coach or gym instructor that is capable of monitoring your current fitness level. That’s why home workout gets exciting with the help of heart monitors.

A heart rate monitor is a perfect substitute for gym instructors and fitness coaches. These workout accessories provide the support that you need in monitoring your health progress. They are very easy to use and operate; that’s why they became very popular nowadays. Fitness enthusiasts are not the only group who benefits from heart rate monitors since they have been used in the medical field as well.

If you want to get the most out of your exercise program, then buy these fitness accessories and start experiencing the benefits it can provide real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a heart rate monitor?
A heart rate monitor abbreviated as HRM is a piece of wearable sensor that is used to measure the wearer’s heart rate and displays the real-time heart rate signals. Aside from being a medical tool by nature, they are also used as fitness trackers because of their ability to track and record your heart rate accurately, before and after physical activities. They have two ways of measuring the heart rate signals; they are the optical method and the electrical method. Both of these technologies are safe and reliable.

What are the kinds of heart rate monitors?
The two main kinds of heart rate monitors are the chest-strap and the wrist-based type.


The Chest-Strap Heart Rate Monitor

This type of heart rate monitor is a wireless wearable sensor that is attached to a chest by a strap. It detects your pulse electronically and sends the data real-time to a type of wristwatch receiver where your heart rate is projected. Chest-strap HRMs provide accurate measurements and results.

Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor

This type of heart rate monitor has a built-in optical sensor to measure your heart rate. They detect your pulse accurately and is considerably smaller compared with the chest-strap type. This HRM is easy to wear and inexpensive.

How do I choose the right heart rate monitor for me?
No worries, please let this information serve as your buying guide.


Standard Features

• Heart rate recovery feature. This is a feature that measures the amount of time before your heart rate returns to its normal pace after physical activity. This indicator is the most reliable way to study your cardiovascular health status.

• Accurate pulse monitor. Choose a model with large sensors to accurately measure your pulse. This feature will come in handy, especially in interval exercises, where you may need to monitor your heart rate in the middle of training.

• Calorie counter. This feature is ideal for individuals who are trying to manage their weight. It gives an approximate value of the calories you burn after your training session.

• Target zones. Target zones set parameters that serve as the targets you need to hit in specific training programs. They refer to the amount of time spent on certain exercises.

• Stopwatch. This feature is ideal in monitoring your heart rate in time-stamped physical activities like running, jogging, or walking exercises.

• Speed monitor. This feature works perfectly with your cardiovascular system. You can record the speed to learn about the maximum capacity of your heart in cardio exercises.

• Display and Interface. Choose a design with a bigger and brighter display for better legibility. The user interface should be easy to use and understand. Always remember that in some cases, you may need to check your pulse in mid-training, so always choose fitness trackers with these features.

• Coded transmission feature. This feature is to make sure that signals won’t overlap between on HRM and another.

• Easy battery replacement capability. Some HRMs require batteries to operate. So, make sure that the model you’ll buy has an easy battery replacement mechanism.

What are the benefits of wearing heart rate monitors?
The greatest benefit of using a heart rate monitor is the ability to gauge your current heart health. Awareness of your current heart status can save your life in many ways. You have the chance to adjust to the appropriate pace to match your heart’s capability. This is an effective way to avoid strain not only in your heart but also in your muscles and joints.


Here’s a list of the benefits

• Improves health and fitness

• Ability to gauge your cardio capability

• Progress and fitness level check

• Reduces the risks of injury

• Promotes a healthy lifestyle

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