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How To Set Up a Home Gym: The Ultimate Guide

how to set up a home gym australia

In these trying times, spending money to build a home gym seems unnecessary and a total waste of funds, considering what is happening in the world now. At first glance, the need to spend more than thousands of dollars for a fitness room. But because staying active and well-exercised is necessary to keep fit and healthy, especially during these times when our health should be preserved more than ever, having your own personal fitness space sounds logical and inviting. Is there a way to balance out and have a small-budgeted home gym? Does one really have to spend thousands after thousands of dollars to make a fully-functional fitness area? How should I design and plan the layout of my home gym? What home gym equipment and other gym essentials should I get? These are just some of the questions people will start to ponder on when weighing out their options about having their personal fitness studio at home. Let Best Home Gym Equipment show you the answers to these questions and help you figure out how to set up a home gym that would best suit you and your abode.

Why have a Home Gym?

This question must be in the heads of practical and cynical people who are afraid of spending money during this worldwide economic crisis. They need good-enough reasons for them to give in and accept that a personal gym is indeed necessary to keep fit and healthy while staying safe at home. Here are what Best Home Gym Equipment always tells its valued customers when contemplating about the same predicament.



Convenience in the truest form

When you were still a member of your local gym, what time do you usually wake up? Were you one of those people who hate mornings but were obliged to drag themselves out of bed, drive or commute to the gym, and work out? How much are you spending annually for your membership, by the way? Is the effort and cost of your workouts worth it? Imagine waking up when you want to and start working out without ever leaving your house. No alarms, commute, gas fees, weather problems, heavy traffic, and all other hassles can ever stop you from working out. Having a home gym gives you the ease of staying fit with less effort.

Work out in the privacy of your home

Are you self-conscious about how you look when working out? You may be intimidated by people who already look slim and fit, way ahead of their fitness journey, while you are still struggling to reach your short-term goals. It is hard not to compare yourself with others; the way you dress, your posture, form, and capacity can be extremely criticised if you work out in public fitness establishments and gyms. These can make you awfully self-conscious, hindering you from working out properly. Imagine if you have your own gym at home. You can wear whatever you want as long as you use your equipment safely. You can only be aware of your improvements, motivating you to push forward. You would never feel judged or intimidated by other people, so your focus is directed on your own personal fitness achievements and goals.

Freedom to move

You may have experienced waiting for a fellow gym-goer to finish his routine for you to be able to use a piece of specific gym equipment. And, logically, when it is your turn to work out, other people may be weighing on you, waiting for you to stop and leave the machine so they can have their turns. With your personal fitness area, no need to wait or feel rushed just to perform your exercises. You have the freedom to use a gym machine; however long you may want to. You can create your own strategy on how to perform your routines, and spice them up if needed.

Cost-effective workouts

We may have touched on the subject of money earlier, with the annual gym membership fees, transpo allowance, cost of workout clothes, and many more. If you have pieces of high-quality home gym equipment, you may spend quite a sum of money in the beginning, but the benefits you will reap off of it are all worth it. And the truth is, building your own home gym is not that expensive as what other people would say. Overestimating its cost may be possible, making you fear that your money may not be enough to design your personal fitness nook. But, if you have the right supplier or partner that can help you plan your home gym and allocate funds for essential home gym equipment and accessories, then your expenses will be appropriately budgeted.


How to Set Up a Home Gym

If you have reached this part of the article, we can now safely say that we were able to convince you that having your own gym is a better option than maintaining your membership in any commercial gym near you. It may now be necessary for you to know the ins and outs of how to set up a home gym that is ideal for your fitness needs and preferences. How should you start?

Know your priorities

how to set up a home gym in australiaWhy do you want to work out? Is it to lose weight? To develop muscle mass and bulk up your physique? To become flexible and graceful? Your fitness goals dictate which pieces of home gym equipment you should get for your workout space. For instance, muscle strength and weight training require free weights, bench press, and other bulky but heavy-duty gym equipment like power cages and multi-station home gyms. If you want to lose weight, getting cardio machines such as treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, or rowing machines are required. Yoga and Pilates accessories are recommended for posture and poise development as well as balance and flexibility goals.

Find an ideal location

Now that you know what specific pieces of home gym equipment you will require to achieve your fitness goals, it is now time to find the correct part or area of the house that you would want to transform into your workout space. Logically, if your house can only accommodate small gym machines, then you would have to compromise on the size and functionality of your home gym equipment. Luckily, several gym equipment brands have compact options that can either be foldable or portable. But if you have a room or garage to spare, then all the better!

Aim for a full-body workout

It is nice to have the right gym machines to address your fitness goals, but it is also important for you to give attention to your whole body so as not to neglect your overall health and body development. Focusing on just one body part can make it possible for you to exhaust or overdo your exercise, causing muscle fatigue that can later lead to injuries or accidents.

Consider storage

If you want your small fitness space to look organised and clean, planning for the storage of unused gym machines and accessories is key. You may opt for a foldable treadmill or mini-stepper than you can simply hide underneath your bed or sofa. A durable and stylish stand can house your mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands. If you have a renovated garage-turned mancave, a power rack or tower may also serve as a durable and heavy-duty organiser of your bulky machines or gear.

If you need further information about how to set up a home gym, do not hesitate to contact Best home Gym Equipment so we can help and guide you in designing and building your personal fitness area. We have partnered with world-class brands or home gym equipment so we can give you myriads of options. We also have gym consultants and trainers who can answer your questions in regards to your fitness journey.

What Key Pieces of Gym Equipment should your Fitness Space Have?

A full-body workout need not require so many machines for you to have proper exercise. All you need to do is to wisely plan out your workout routines and choose the right home gym equipment to utilise. Here are the different workout routines that you can perform and the options that you can have while building your home gym.

Cardio workout

Cardio machines can range from big pieces of gym equipment to small gym accessories. You can decide what to use depending on your fitness needs, space, and budget. For instance, if you have a garage to spare, then get a heavy-duty treadmill, elliptical machine, cross trainer, stair climber, or rower since these machines need bigger spaces to work. But if you only have a corner in your living room or bedroom, then might as well buy a jump rope, mini-stepper, and other space-saving gym accessories to help you have a heart-pumping exercise at home.

set up a home gym australiaStrength training

Fancy a multi-purpose cable machine or multi-station home gym for your pull-ups, bench presses, chin-ups, lifts, and other weight and resistance training routines? You can opt for these if you have a separate room to dedicate workouts at home. If not, do not despair! Invest in good-quality free weights, like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. You can also get resistance bands, stability balls, and other balance and resistance accessories that are both easy to use and space-saving devices.

Recovery or post-workout essentials

You may be concentrating on cardio training or strength conditioning during your workout sessions. Still, after all these routines, you need to cool down and rejuvenate to let your body recover and continue with your daily activities without pain or discomfort. Foam rollers, massage guns, massage sticks, and other muscle-relaxing gadgets and accessories all can help you recuperate and consistently follow through with your workout routines daily.


Just a reminder:  all these home gym equipment are not required to be purchased all at the same time. Planning which gym essentials you should prioritise is important. If you need guidance and assistance as to what machines and accessories to get first, do not hesitate to contact Best Home Gym Equipment, and we will gladly recommend essential purchases based on your needs and preferences.

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